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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2009 Race Report: Green Racer Flips

Here's a Sculpture!
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Green Racer Flips

The veteran Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia brought back their Green Racer, which looked the same as last year but had a new surprise—flippability! Before they made it halfway down the pier at the water entry, they showed signs of instability as the sculpture began to lean to the right. Soon, the pilots were climbing out of their seats and around the sculpture as it continued to capsize, rolling underneath them. With rescuing from a line thrown by Kinetic Baltimore’s Johanna Goderre, and once pulled to shore by the mighty Ramp Master Michael Cooney, they continued the race sodden but unbeaten. For such a maneuver, they were destined to win this year’s Golden Flipper award for the “most interesting” water entry.

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