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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2014 Race Report: Fire & Phoenix

Here's a Sculpture!
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Fire & Phoenix

Two kinetic vehicles came from St. Paul’s School for Boys. First was the visually stunning Fire, whose design included aluminum chassis, fabulous painted plasma-cut fore and aft fins, fabric canopies, and curious lateral pontoons which added considerable resistance to the water portion.

The school’s other entry, Phoenix, included large wooden front wheels with attached water paddles. That chap lounging on the inner tube is what’s known in kinetic lingo as a barnacle—someone who rides on the human-powered sculpture but does not provide propulsion. Barnacles must weigh at least 93 pounds (42.1kg).

As it drove down Key Highway, the front and tail rotated for a visual kinetic feast.

Barnacles are allowed to contribute enthusiasm.

Pit crew (with orange moustache sunglasses) point out their mandatory sock creature.

Preparing for the pie-eating contest at the Patterson Park Pagoda.

Students waited while parents re-set the chain.

The all-wheel drive and broad gnarled tires made light work of the mud. For this high quality in an original vehicle, Fire won the Engineering award.

You’ll notice much in common with 2013’s

also from St. Paul’s.

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