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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2007 Race Report — Attack of the Sculpturians

Here's a Sculpture!
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Attack of the Sculpturians

Attack of the Sculpturians is a kinetic interpretation of 1950s sci-fi movies. The 600-pound alien eats sugar, and set off into the harbor at Canton with its front tentacles thrashing, heading for the Domino Sugar plant on the south side of the harbor. The only thing that saved the plant was the crowd chanting to draw its attention to a giant marshmallow peep to draw it back to shore. It nabbed the peep, which rode out the rest of the race in its quivering mandibles. This is the third sculpture from Artex Fine Art Services, who created the 2005 Cake on a Lake and 2006 Hunk a Hunk of Burnin’ Junk. They received their third ACE award for following all of the difficult ACE rules—such as exiting the water without any outside help and the same two pilots riding the entire course. With all that sugar, they also received the Speed award for completing the racecourse the fastest.

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  1. The Champion: Patapsico Queen
  2. PLATYPUS returns, with suitor
  3. Fifi
  4. Jazz Hand
  5. Attack of the Sculpturians
  6. Three about Whales from It Cain’t
  7. Acme Kinetic Sculpture
  8. Travel with Class
  9. Recycled Ocean
  1. Three from the Jemicy School
  2. Tropical Paradise Goes Under
  3. Kinetic Airways Grounded by Pothole
  4. Air Farce One
  5. Carver Center's Seacat
  6. New Age Viking Hill Master
  7. UMBC's You’ve Got What It Takes
  8. Cats For Sale $5
  9. IND Penguins
  1. Towson's Flash Mob
  2. Team Trogdor
  3. Old School Capsizes in Style
  4. Goes to Eleven
  5. AVAM's Classics
  6. Moon Buggy: Back for More
  7. Festivity Among the Crowd
  8. The Team
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