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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2011 Race Report: Ankh-ers Away

Here's a Sculpture!
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Ankh-ers Away

It’s utterly unprecedented for the judges to give one team any major award three years in a row—especially the Art Award. However, Frank Conlan’s team of Make Believers creates such spectacular entries that for the judges to do otherwise would be a travesty.

Pilot's Choice The sail features the image of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of justice, under the sun to which she gives birth every morning, and with Baltimore’s Teutonic Kinetic Chicken on her forehead.

Above the waterline along the hull were painted hieroglyphics portraying the history of the Make Believers, including (at right) the premonition that they would cross the finish line at AVAM.

On the water, sets of oars worked via hand cranks.

However, the sail caught the wind as much as one might expect, and—since it could not be tacked—the ship blew strongly off course. The crew pulled down the sail and…

…were towed to shore by trusty volunteers.

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  2. Ankh-ers Away
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  6. Thanks! Batala, Baltimore Police, and HMS Yellowbottom
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  8. Spectators
  9. The Team
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