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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2015 Race Report: Kraken Upcycle

Here's a Sculpture!
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Sunday 14 June 2015

The hottest day in Baltimore’s Kinetic history! Temperatures hit 91°F (33°C) with far too much humidity, and several teams even had to repair tires & rims from explosions in the heat.

The official theme was “Out of this World” commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. Many teams had space-oriented themes, and a special 2015 Space Cadet Award was given to the spaciest. It is always interesting when multiple teams independently create similarly themed entries. This year we saw 2 Dr. Seuss sulptures and 2 turtles!

With 5 photographers devoted to capturing the entire race no matter the weather, is proud to present this year’s full coverage.

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Kraken Upcycle

Taking home the Grand Mediocre East Coast Championship was the University of Maryland Baltimore County Kinetic Sculpture Race Team.

The legendary sea monster was made of shards of water bottles, with great blue eyes made of the bottoms of 5-gallon water bottles, and water paddles made of stackable trays on poles, with a tall sail all built around a 4-wheel surrey.

Its 8 plastic barrels in a sturdy metal frame provided lightweight robust pontoons.

Prior UMBC entries were:

They took home the Championship trophy, on which each year’s winner is engraved.

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  3. Rainbow Fish & Guppy
  4. Unless
  5. Tick Tock the Crock
  6. 1800 Lbs: Beyond Hon’derdome
  7. Menace
  8. AMS Turtle
  9. A Dog at the Races
  10. PLATYPUS Lost in Space
  1. Four Jemicy Sculptures
  2. Ballet Mobile
  3. Next-to-Last Samurai & Shogunna Ride
  4. Love You Harbor
  5. Agogosaurus
  6. Space Shuttle Disco(very)
  7. Squirt of the Chesapeake
  8. Seusscycle
  9. Shamu Crew
  10. Kit Kat Clock Club
  1. Paranoid Planetary Prober
  2. Scorpio in Space
  3. Rookies
  4. Cosmic Fifi & Bumpostar Galactica
  5. Babraham Lincoln
  6. Flying Burrito
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