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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2017 Race Report: Seafood’s Revenge

Here's a Sculpture!
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Seafood’s Revenge

Seafood’s Revenge portrays the rebellion of sea creatures fed up with years of overfishing, litter, and pollution. They take over a fishing boat, which they’ve adapted to fish for people on land. The fishermen thrown overboard haven’t given up, and are trying to retake the vessel.

Why yes, that is a giant Moby Dick sock creature eating Captain Ahab, and an octopus that’s wrapped around The Nevermore Captain’s brain!

This was the first entry from CAP Kinetic from the Patterson Park neighborhood, who were beset with plague of trailer, pedal, and inadequate ¾-inch axles problems. Pushing up Federal Hill kept them up in the race—at the beginning.

Nevertheless they persisted, pushing & riding their incompletely-decorated sculpture as far as they could, but never catching up with the pack (or the judges, who didn’t even know they were still in the race).

Finally, they went to the Awards Ceremony, where our photographers caught up with them, wondering where they’d been all day. CAP Kinetic promises to return in 2018, with a sculpture refined by countless lessons learned.

This photo provided by the team shows their full costumery.

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