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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: Oh! Snap!

Here's a Sculpture!
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Oh! Snap!

Oh! Snap! also went for ACE, and this frame with large wheels and lightweight design had won ACE back in 2012 when it had 2 pilots. On top is an alligator snapping turtle.

The Rampmaster administers another brake check.

As described above, the water exit is one of the most difficult places to advance. ACE rules prohibit pushing directly from the ground or water to the sculpture (and shoes or skies don’t make pushing legal). However, the rules do not prohibit pushing one part of the sculpture from another part—that’s what pedals do. So pilots can also manually crank the wheels, as long as they don't come in contact with the ground. The maneuver pictured here is legal for ACEing.

With large textured wheels, ground clearance, and low gears, Oh! Snap! had a very easy time in the mud.

The pilot reached back to wag the tail in celebration.

Oh! Snap! passed several sculptures on the final hill before the finish line.

Achievement unlocked: a second ACE! In prior years this award-winning sculpture was:

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