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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: Off the Rails

Here's a Sculpture!
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Off the Rails

Like a hand-operated draisine pump trolley, Off the Rails is the first Baltimore kinetic entry to be arm-powered on land since 2007’s New Age Viking Hill Master. It’s the first ever to use this classic pivoting walking beam mechanism for power. They were destined to win the Engineering award.

Tread brakes at the very front provide a lot of stopping power. The pilot has a two-fisted steering control up front, connected by a push-pull cable to the yellow bar that pivots the rear wheels.

On the water, the same wheels provided propulsion without the need for any paddles. However, the mechanics kept crunching into the foam, until they paused for repair.

They needed pushing assistance through the mud, which is allowed under the rules for sculptures not going for ACE.

Preparing the next generation of Kinetinauts.

2018 is the 12th glorious year for Team 1,800 Lbs, and you may recognize these wheels back to 2013:

The engine, converting human energy from the pivoting beam into rotation, which is then conveyed to the front drive wheels with a motorcycle chain.

As they advanced along the racecourse, they updated the “Next Stop” on their red caboose support trailer.

We thought we had enough pixels to avoid Moiré effect, but these pinstripe overalls proved us wrong.

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