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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: The Golden Fleece

Here's a Sculpture!
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The Golden Fleece

From Digital Harbor High School, The Golden Fleece brought high-riding pilots atop a sturdy frame of effective kinetic simplicity. The gnarly tread with hard pavement rings were great for all terrain.

Through the sand and mud they drove the sculpture, which had raced before as Agogosaurus.

They broke down sometime after the mud, and couldn’t repair it on the spot. So they pushed their sculpture, which as you might expect is slower than riding it. All the other teams passed them, one-by-one. The judges wagon passed them, and they attempted to thumb a ride. By the time they made it to the finish line, all the other teams had finished.

This first photo shows Golden Fleece handily charging up steep Federal Hill in a nice low gear, with no assistance of any kind.

For their audacious breakdown-following attempts to hail a ride with the passing judges, they were awarded the Golden Dinosaur award, for “most memorable breakdown”.

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