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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: 3 Sculptures From St. Paul’s Schools

Here's a Sculpture!
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3 Sculptures From St. Paul’s Schools

St. Paul’s School created Anansi the Spider based on the African folklore character, an arachnid manifestation of wisdom and trickery. For the colorful theme with articulated legs and revolving eyes, they received the Art Award.

You may be wondering how the pilots can see to drive on the streets of Baltimore. More on that below.

The spider entered Baltimore Harbor with a bold splash.

Soon, doors opened on both sides and 4 paddles came out. When it came time to exit the water, other sculptures passed until they summoned crew and ropes to assist.

Pushing and pulling also got Anansi through the thick mud.

Cruising down Lombard Street tests the brakes. There may also be a giant poodle-ox behind.

Between the two St. Paul’s schools, this is the sixth Kinetic year, and third Art award:

Anansi’s cockpit held video screens to show what was going on outside.

The judges awarding the Art trophy.

From the design thinking class at St. Paul’s School and St. Paul’s School for Girls came Mystery Machine, inspired by the van from Scooby-Do, with the same distinctive color scheme.

The frame is made of PVC pipe, with bolted joints to handle fluctuating forces inherent to kinetic sculptures.

Cobblestones proved a challenge for those with smaller tires. A checkpoint at the Katyn Memorial circle ensured no teams took the shortcut readily apparent on the map.

Note the floatation barrels are now below the frame.

Getting through the mud involved pulling and pushing with only one pilot aboard.

Hurry up! There’s a PLATYPUS coming up fast!

Smiles grew as the finish line came into sight.

The third St. Paul’s entry, The Flying Dutchman originates from the green ghost haunting Spongebob Squarepants. Its larger bicycle wheels had an easier time in the mud, but the fixed pontoons dragged as wheels sank in.

Although the namesake character is very concerned about socks, we suspect these pit crew removed their shoes instead because prior crew lost shoes in the viscous mud.

The pirate flag and sock puppet monkey in the crow’s nest maintained their positions through the race.

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