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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: Monster Under the Bed

Here's a Sculpture!
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Monster Under the Bed

Monster Under the Bed from the Park School of Baltimore started out as a chain of 5 attached bicycles, with the medial bike bearing a bed with something substantial lurking under the covers.

The trailer also carried additional foam floatation and life preservers.

At the water, the caravan detached, and the monster sprang to a sitting position.

One of the foam blocks under the bed was completely submerged. When one support member’s buoyancy is exhausted, it brings on the dreaded Pontoon Effect.

Stabilization attempts soon proved fruitless as the pilot screamed…

and led to chaotic inversion, as both passenger and monster jumped ship.

Such drama is destined to win the Golden Flipper award for “most interesting water entry”.

After retrieving the skull, it was carried through the race on the remnants of the bed frame, with all 5 bikes proceeding independently.

Meanwhile, they had also created photo books to bribe the judges, describing the delight provided by participation in prior Kinetic races by Park School and Arbutus Middle School. The Judges had no choice but to also give them the Best Bribes award.

Awarding of the Best Bribes and Golden Flipper trophies.

This is the Park School’s second Kinetic year:

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