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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Race Report: Tick Tock the Croc

Here's a Sculpture!
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Tick Tock the Croc

Some sculptures are so amazing they win awards year after year. Tick Tock the Croc returned for a fifth year. With music playing, cheerful swerving to and fro along the route, and wide-opening mouth and blowing tongue, Tick Tock took its fifth People’s Choice award based on surveys of the crowd taken by volunteer chickens. One spectator said “I can’t vote for anything but the crocodile, it’s so awesome!”

Wearing a purple harlequin mask to conceal its identify, Tick Tock prowled Baltimore.

View from a kayak.

So there’s a crocodile looking for the way to the swamp, and he asks two bananas for directions…

Croc does well in the mud, too.

In prior years, this team entered:

Tick Tock visited the sloop USS Constellation at Pier 1.

After the awards ceremony, Tick Tock’s creators donated him to the American Visionary Art Museum, for display year-round and racing in future years. This was Tick Tock's last lap before becoming a museum piece.

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