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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Kinetic Pilgrimage: Sunday May 27: Eureka to Crab Park

Here's a Sculpture!
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Sunday May 27: Eureka to Crab Park

Eureka Natural Foods provided an awesome lunch for the racers and crew, and crowds came to see the sculpture teams.

Trilo Bike Diner finished lunch and resumed the race.

Hatmobile demonstrated its continuously variable transmission.

They also went on to win Best Junior Award.

Speed Racer was under tow for the rest of the course.

The racecourse took a trail toward the freeway. Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew had pineapple traffic cones.

The bridge was too narrow for many sculptures, so the course went through the ditch, with a legal push zone. Ominionated II hauls up the slope.

The bridge was a good place to spectate as Lion Kings traversed the ditch.

Black Tie Affair required more pushers than other teams.

Hippypotamus suffered a jaw collision on the far side but was unharmed.

Team Trilo Bike Diner climbed the exit ramp in front of Humboldt Bay.

Melvin cruises along the byway.

A Toast to Hobart along the overpass.

The chassis for This Goes Gold had a separate name: The Hoosier Daddy. It had 3 chassis gears times 24 gears for each pilot, allowing the massive sculpture to climb steep sand dunes and cruise down the 101 freeway. Don't miss the propeller.

They won Most Improved.

Bounce For Glory Golden Edition was unstoppable, even with Peter’s broken foot.

Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew is seen here under a genuine Caltrans bridge. Don’t miss their porta-potty pit crew vehicle.

The second day’s journey ended with a long trek down Cannibal Island Road from Loleta to Crab Park. As each team finished, a timekeeper certified their time off the clock. Here Herrmann’s Merry Mollusk calls it a day.

They went on to win the Teddy Bear Award.

Signs point the way to the finish and kinetic glory.

Tom in front of the Kinetic bonfire.

Sparkle the Horse and Hippypotamus parked for the night at Crab Park.

Lobster Roll pit crew at Sunday sunset.

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The Kinetic Grand Championship is held Saturday–Monday every Memorial Day weekend. The 2019 race starts noon Friday May 25 in Eureka, California and finishes Monday May 27 in Ferndale.
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