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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Kinetic Pilgrimage: Monday May 28: Finish at Ferndale

Here's a Sculpture!
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Monday May 28: Finish at Ferndale

Hans continued towing Speed Racer on the farm roads into Ferndale, with Melvin and Happy Campers behind.

Cows watched Yellow Brick Rode pass Happy Campers. (No cows watch the Baltimore race.)

Happy Campers was on its way to receiving Third Place Engineering and Port Townsend Award.

The finish line is in the heart of Ferndale (population 1,372), right outside the Hobart Brown’s gallery until his death in 2007. The Royal Kinetic Madness Band performed for the gathered crowd.

While Race Organizer Goddess Jen-O runs in profound pink boots, Team Goddess Star Power crossed the finish line in Ferndale,

Cloud of Unknowing—Flying Squirrel did the circle of victory around Ramp Meister at the finish line, with its large pontoons still stowed up.

Few racers in Baltimore use inflatable pontoons; they’re slow at transitions but otherwise very efficient.

They won the They Came From Out of Town Award.

Melvin crosses the finish line, with its pontoon brackets still mounted.

They would soon win Third Place Speed.

Still under tow, Speed Racer finishes.

Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew about to finish.

Lobster Roll also did a triumphant circle.

They went on to win Goldest of the Gold.

Cyclops and U.S.S. Festiva at the finish.

Cyclops won the Never Give Up Award.

Gears and steering inside U.S.S. Festiva.

They won Second-to-Last Award and Third Place Spirit of the Glorious Founder for building something so unmanageably successful.

The slogan for Flying Innuendo was “We'll look faster than we are.”

Cliff and Amy broadcast the race all weekend on KHUM FM.

Dimlits at the finish.

Swing Kids staged a dance.

Gilded Ghost Guild aka Kinetic Paranormal Society at the end.

Black Tie Affair did a tight loop turn in front of the bank.

They were soon to win Second Place Engineering.

The Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew team won First Place Engineering and Biggest Splash.

Kinetic Encounters of the Fiftieth Kind won Third Place Pageantry.

Tom and Johanna Jones with Rampmaster at the finish.

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Want to See the 50th Anniversary Humboldt Race?
The Kinetic Grand Championship is held Saturday–Monday every Memorial Day weekend. The 2019 race starts noon Friday May 25 in Eureka, California and finishes Monday May 27 in Ferndale.
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  1. Monday May 28: Finish at Ferndale
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