2013 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

If photos you took are on the web, post a link here!
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2013 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

Post by bobaloo » 21 Apr 2014, 9:29 pm

Seems I accidentally deleted my earlier post with links to two videos when I tried to add another one last week. So this is a "re-creation". All are from a support kayak at the Canton Waterfront, 2013.
"Holy Grail"(39)(Baltimore City College), "AMS Crabtastic"(11)(Arbutus Middle School), "Not So Angry Bird"(8), "Frednan"(31). Canton Waterfront Action http://youtu.be/r9iB2lQlpy8
"Go Ask Alice" enters the water, with in-character outriders/Pit Crew on the pier. http://youtu.be/Sg64wDW8xPM
"Dr Vlad's Mad Lab"(10), from water entry to exit. "Hogwart Express"(7)(Severna Park?) water entry only. Also a short view of "You Know the Drill"(2)(Jemicy School) at the beginning. http://youtu.be/a7JFO_dapRM
That's it fer now, folks.

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